corbett miller | Life Coach - LCSW SEP

Corbett began his career in the helping profession in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district helping homeless, mentally ill substance abusers get off the street and into treatment. “This work appealed to me because of my own experiences with addiction. A few important people did so much for me when I couldn’t do it for myself, I felt like I had to give back to the community.

His journey led him to Southern California where he worked at the Los Angeles County Jail, Twin Towers for the Department of Mental Health. “For awhile this was the greatest job you could imagine, but underneath it I knew I needed to work with younger people before things got that bad.” Eventually, he landed a job with Visions Adolescent Treatment Center as a primary and family therapist at the residential program. This is where he met Kevin Lewis and the beginnings of Made Mentoring began to take shape!!

Kevin came to me with the idea Made Mentoring and it just made sense. We both have a keen awareness of what it takes to be young in sobriety and have a life worth living. Sometimes, that can be the most important thing a young person can be shown in early recovery. How to have fun, while balancing the realities of putting together their own life.

Surfing, skating, riding motorcycles, these are the things I get to do as a result of recovery. Well, that and because somebody also showed me how to finish school, get a job, open a bank account, pay my insurance, so on. This is what makes Made Mentoring unique, we show young men how to balance the life they want with what it takes to be an adult.


Kevin Lewis | Mentor

Moving to Los Angeles in 1997 from Central California to try and outrun his own addictions, Kevin soon found himself running amok in Venice, Ca. where his sobriety would begin in 2003.  “I was done, I didn’t want to die, but I couldn’t go on living the way I was living.” The first steps into a new life had begun…

Kevin began his journey into the treatment field after working in the skate board industry for 10 years. “I started to feel there was something more out there for me to do. Working in skateboarding gave me the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream. And when I asked myself what else would be as fulfilling, the answer was simple… helping others on the road to recovery.” This led him to Visions Treatment center, working with adolescents, starting out as a program aid, and working his way to logistics coordinator and recovery mentor.  Along with that experience, Kevin has also done numerous sober companion jobs, and helped countless other with their addictions.  He is currently in the process of finishing his CADAC requirements.

“Being able to mentor someone isn’t just showing them how to stay soberor how to manage their life, it’s about showing them how to enjoy being sober and to have a life.  Working in the treatment field I saw that there was a need for something different. A lot of other mentor business’ are clean cut, super white washed, boring, Suedo-spiritual. Corbett and I are guys that are clean and sober, have changed our lives, but haven’t changed ourselves. We still like the same stuff we did when we were partying… skating, metal and punk, fireworks, whatever… We still have fun and lead responsible, productive lives."